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Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee
Well here we are, she has been 60 years on the throne of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. What a reign for our beloved Queen.
Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years and  216 days. Queen Elizabeth has reigned 60 years and 120 days as of today.

14 Centre Court members and their Husbands plus two guests turned out on a beautiful Saturday evening to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The venue was the Volunteer Princess. The Princess was built in 1997 and is a 96 feet long, luxury yacht based in Knoxville on the Tennessee River. The Owner Walter LeMasurier is a British native originally from Brixham in London. As a point of interest specifically for the Jubilee, Walter informed me that as young man in Britain's Royal Air force he was on duty for the processions for the Queen's Coronation in 1953. What a wonderful coincidence for our event.

We all boarded around 6.00pm and had the top deck exclusively for our use. We promptly strung British Bunting and Decorations throughout. Once everyone was aboard we set off West down the river and dinner was served, and what a great meal it was. The crew of the Princess excelled themselves.

After dinner Diane Jones (State President) proposed the toast. The first one was to  Barak Obama as the US President
Then we Toasted our beloved Queen, at the conclusion of which we sang “God save the Queen”. Then we followed that up with some rousing British Pomp and Circumstance songs!  Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory and of course Rule Brittania.

It was wonderful to see so many Brits and Commonwealth members enjoying the party and singing the songs with great gusto. I think the boat's crew enjoyed joining with us in our celebration.

The Cruise lasted approximately 2 ˝ hours, landing back in Knoxville around 9.00pm.

After saying our farewells to the crew, a group of us went to celebrate the remainder of the evening at the Crown and Goose in Downtown Knoxville. This is another business owned by  British natives Jeffrey and Pat Nash. The Crown  is a wonderful British Pub complete with beer garden great food and a wonderful selection of British Draft beers.

After watching some of the celebrations on BBC America and seeing the celebrations throughout Britain, we in the DBE in Tennessee felt that we had done our bit to help celebrate the Jubilee.

The Center Court Ladies enjoying the Jubileee Cruise.
Diane Jones leads the
toast to
HRH The Queen
More Photos to follow please come back and check
A message from Joan McCulloch!

On Saturday when we all met on the Knoxville Princess, it was a happy but sad occasion for me. Happy because of the occasion but sad because my heart went home to Britain where I was born and I remember vividly as a 5 year old child celebrating the Coronation of our beloved Queen. I also felt I would have loved to have been back in my native Cumbria, joining in the celebration with my family and friends.

I also remember how much she has worked tirelessly for our Country and Commonwealth during her 60 years and I hope that she really knows that the majority of her subjects do respect her. She did not always get everything right but I think as a Country we have been so blessed to have a Monarch who has given up so much of herself and her family to show the world that the job she undertook was an all or nothing job and that she would only, as she said in her Coronation Speech, give her all.

It was a wonderful evening and we did you proud in little old TN  USA your Majesty …pomp, circumstance and enjoyment but above all we were and are proud to be “BRITISH” and part of the Commonwealth..

Daughters of the British Empire in Tennessee
Not Ourselves but the Cause.....

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