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Our Guys
Where would most of us be without the support from our Husbands,Fiancées, Significant others etc.?
Well this page is dedicated to them and their support to us DBE,ers.
They drive us around, load cars with endless activity material, man stalls or garage sales, put up tables, take down tables. Their resource potential is enormous!

At Centre Court the guys have taken the initiative themselves and got together to form their own informal club named the "Sons of Britain" or SOBs for short.
They have even devised and designed their own logo.
They still support us ladies excellently, however we now have to support them occasionally when they have an event.
Watch this page for more details and upcoming events. If anyone is interested in receiving more information on the SOBs Email the webmaster. Jim McCulloch

If any other Chapter has a similar husband group please share this with us?

The SOBs
This year the SOBs helped set up the Bonfire and Fireworks  for Sandra and Fred's Guy Fawkes evening.

Phil, Wayne, Rick, Fred and Jim turned up on the Saturday mid morning to build the Bonfire. It was a really cold day and in fact we had snow / sleet at one stage which was a little worrying for the evening but "heck" we said "If Brits waited for the weather we would not do anything outdoors" so we buckled down and got all the work done.

Once the Bonfire was constructed it was covered to help keep it dry, then we set to finalising the Guy for the fire. The ladies had done a great job of making it so we just made it a little stonger in order to carry it from the woods.

We then set up the Chimenea and Gas fire to help keep everyone warm while they watched the activities.

Phil and Jim then  walked through the presentation for the Guy Fawkes address and the burning of the Guy.

On the evening it fell to the SOBs to light the bonfire  and set off the firework display as well as keep the heaters running.
It was a great day preparing for what turned out to be a wonderful Bonfire night.
The SOBs assisted our ladies at the Annual Christmas Tea.
Some of us turned up on the day before and helped set up the hall and then everyone attended on the Saturday of the Tea and assisted the ladies in finishing off, ready for our guests to arrive.

On the day of the Tea most of us SOBs were smartly dressed and attended on our guests as they arrived, giving advice on what was going to happen, escorting the ladies to their tables and generally helping out in any way we could.

Truth be told we all enjoy these events as it is a time for us to get together and meet new husbands to the group and let them know that they are welcome to join the SOBs and get their shirts, ball caps etc to wear at informal future events.
SOBs Phil Perkins and Jim McCulloch
SOBs Phil Perkins, Jim McCulloch and Marcus Stapleton
SOBs Chris Edkins and Phil Perkins prepare the sandwiches
January 2011 saw the SOBs organising Burns Night at the home of Centre Court Member Gill Perkins.
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