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The Royal Wedding
Make no mistake about it, whether you like it or not you will be swept away in the hysteria of if all.

It will be on every news channel around the world and many other channels.
You know that there will be pictures and news articles for evermore detailing every second of the
run up to the event, the event itself and all the aftermath including the   honeymoon which is
rumoured to be set in Scotland (As it should be)

What is it?

The marriage of Catherine (Kate) Middleton and HRH Prince William (Wills).
Mark your calendars.
The wedding will take place on 29th April 2011 at Westminster Abbey.
It is going to be so popular that the Royal Family has launched it's own website

The Royal Wedding

In this website you will be able to browse the Royal Route, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Place and many other items of interest appertaining to this momentous occasion
So now I ask the big question. Did you get an invitation?

Well strange as it may seem some commoners did receive invites.
The Village Butcher, Shopkeeper, Postie and Pub Owner from Bucklebury in Berkshire (Kates Home Village) have all received their invites already
Shopkeeper Chan Shingadia and his wife, Hash are reported to be over the moon with their invite.
Ryan Naylor is the local Postie.
Martin Fidler is the Butcher in the village and was surprised to recieve his invite.
John Haley, who runs the Old Boot Inn in Bucklebury has met the couple when they dined in the pub.

They are among the 1900 guests who have had invites to the shindig.

So who else has been invited? It would be easer to ask who has not!
Well the Obamas for two (WOW" and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and wife Carla Bruni.
Surprisingly Fergie did not make the cut!

Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham are included however. As you may remember Elton sang "Candle in the Wind" at Diana's funeral. oh I do hope Victoria Beckham is not going to sing!

So let us all get  our wine glasses out to toast the Royal Couple and curl up in front of our TVs and let it all wash over us. Why fight it?  Just go along with the flow and enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the day.

Oh and afterwards you can all rush onto your PCs, Laptops and Smart Phones and order all the required memorabilia. There will be the bulk standard Mugs, Teapots, Tea Sets, Plates Colanders etc..
The March Monthly tea was dedicated to the Royal Wedding!

The Knoxville News Sentinel asked if they could send a Reporter and Photographer to get a uniquely British slant on the Wedding.
On the day the ladies of Centre Court Chapter turned up all dressed in their wedding finery including beautiful hats.
Trilla Newbell from the Sentinel interviewed many of the ladies and obtained their views on the Royal Day.
The Photographer Chad Bell took many photographs of the Tea and a  lot of those were published in the Sentinel
The Ladies led by Diane Jones the State President had a wonderful day and toasted the President of the USA, then Queen Elizabeth, then William and Kate with a cold glass of champagne.
The Thanks of the DBE Center Court Chapter go to Chad Greene from the Knoxville News Sentinal for these beautiful Photographs.
Update Saturday April 30the 2011

So it is all over!  Did you watch it all?

Centre Court Member Joan McCulloch and her husband Jim were up at the crack of dawn to watch as the wedding took place live.
What a show it was too.
Kate was stunning! Wills was so handsome! The Page Boys and Bridesmaids were so enchanting!
The whole event?  Well what can one say about that!

Britain certainly knows how to do a show don't they? Pomp, Circumstance and Pageantry at it's very best.
Make no mistake about it though, yesterday did the entire Royal Family no harm at all, they have certainly captured the public favour
once more.
Joan and Jim's daughter Gillian who lives in the Lake District in England said " My husband David and I watched the whole show and it
made us proud to be British"

This was a modern day wedding mixed in with centuries of British tradition and it worked so well. Westminster Abby has never seen such
an event complete with trees dug up from the Royal Nurseries. It is rumoured that they are planning on replanting these at Highgrove.
For you gardeners out there, there was six Maples and two Hornbeams flanking the Abby

Did anyone wonder what Harry said to Wills as Kate processed up the aisle? Well the lip readers say  "Wait till you see what you have got
coming" Good on you Harry? This act alone depicts the new modern young Royals and what a breath of fresh air it is!

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